Best Gag-a-Day

Created by:: funnyninjas

Award presentation by Joe Otto who doesn't have a website but does have a Twitter account at

Book of Biff can be found at
Dinosaur Comics can be found at
Girls with Slingshots can be found at
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal can be found at
Joe Loves Crappy Movies can be found at
Chainsaw Suit can be found at


Brad Guigar of Evil Inc, Courting Disaster,Phables, Graystone Inn, and Half Pixel
Dave Roman of, and,
David Troupes of Buttercup Festival
Scott A. Jenkins of How Sweet it is
Tom Truszkowski of Station V3, z7, Ebb's Children, Silence in the Darkness on Q16 and PodWarp 1999, the SciFi Webcomic podcast

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